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Drive anytime & anywhere, with the customer’s car.

At Get Driven being a driver is more than just driving fancy cars and donning a suit. Get Driven constantly invests in its drivers and offers a host of advantages. At Get Driven you are active in a business sector where discretion, quality and service are the key values.   You build a valuable business network, benefit from various incentives, you meet interesting people and, even more importantly, you get to choose when you work. Schedule business, leisure or fleet journeys to suit your personal agenda.

How does it work?


Register and manage your account free of charge. Before your account is activated, you must pass a practical driving test on one of our test days.

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Accept the ride

View all available rides and put your name down for the rides that interest you. 

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...And you’re off

Once the customer selects you as his/her driver you will have access to all necessary information. Dress in a suit and travel to the departure point, then start the journey on the app. All bills are paid electronically at the customer’s final destination and there is no red tape to take care of.

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Make money and learn along the way.

It’s a fun job that offers flexibility and a host of opportunities. Build a useful network, get to know a variety of vehicles and earn money at a time of your choosing.

How do we recruit?

Depending on demand we organise test days in your area where candidate drivers are asked to take a practical driving test. Speculative applications are possible but be sure to keep an eye on our social media. The practical driving test is followed by a workshop on how we operate and the administrative side of things.  

In Belgium we currently only recruit students who have owned a permanent driving licence for at least two years. In exceptional cases and depending on customer demand we can also offer assignments to self-employed drivers.

Download the app


Our own software team keeps our app up-to-date and efficient. Book a journey in just a few clicks and select one of the drivers in your vicinity. The invoice is 100% tax-deductible and is forwarded automatically. The journey itself is paid via contactless payment or hours paid in advance.